Activities for teaching vocabulary

Lightning Round:  After reading the books, arrange for your students to line up into two lines. Hold up out flashcards, with the signs facing you and the image facing the students. The two students in front of you must quickly, and correctly, sign the answer that matches the card. If they are correct, they go to the back of the line. 

Teaching frequency verbs:  Standing in a circle, get students to practise using never, rarely, sometimes, usually, always. (‘I never play football, I rarely fall, I sometimes eat chocolate, I usually help people, I always brush my teeth). 

Younger children can just choose two frequency verbs. 

Words of the week: Get children to learn and revise 5-10 signs each week and test them at the end like a spelling test. You can either sign or fingerspell the words to help them practise their comprehension skills. For older children, use short sentences. 

Instant Assessment: (for older, skilled, or native learners) To support sign comprehension skills, write out short sentences or a story and sign it to the class for them to summarise. (You may opt to play a signed Auslan story from another source instead).  When finished, read back to them details they should have included in their summary notes. Award points for specific information they should have comprehended. Winner will have the most points, thus demonstrating best comprehension. 

Alternative to summary writing; To demonstrate comprehension, have a list of questions for students to answer.