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Activities for reading My Family Lunch


Before reading, ask students:

Before reading, ask students:

  • ‘Who has a big family? Who has a small family? Who has lots of family?’
  • ‘How many people in your family? Who are they?’
  • ‘What things do we like to do with our family?’
  • Recognise different cultures by asking children what names they have for their grandparents.


  • Ask them what noise they think each animal makes while signing. 

As you read each page, ask:

  • ‘what does it look like they’ll have for lunch?’ , What does your family like to eat for lunch?’
  • Who helps clean up at home?’ ‘Who always makes too much mess??’
  • Get children to identify different objects and food in the picture.
  • Are there people signing on the page? What are they signing?
  • What is special about Aunty Bee’s pink dress?
  • When Grandma and Grandpa arrive with lots of food, what is happening in the background?


  • Talk about the different animals. What was your favourite animal?
  • Can they remember the signs? What was the sign for meerkat? What was the sign for turtle?
  • Get tracing, cutting and pasting. Children can trace their hands, and draw members of their family on each finger, then cut it out to be put on display in the classroom. Talk about how people have different types of families. 
  • Sing a song: family finger song.