Teaching Resources

A Visit to the Zoo


Before reading, ask students:

‘Have you ever been to the zoo?’

‘What animals do they have at the zoo?’

‘Can we have a pet lion at home? Can a pet cat live at the zoo? Why not?!

A photo of a family surrounded by BBQ lunch items

My Family Lunch


Before reading, ask students:

‘Who has a big family? Who has a small family? Who has lots of people in their family?’

‘How many people in your family? Who are they?’

‘What things do you like to do with your family?’

Acknowledge different cultures by asking children what names they have for their grandparents

Activities for Teaching Handshape

Help children expand their vocabulary by becoming familiar with different signs based on their handshapes. Activities focused on these helps improve correct signing vocabulary. 

Activities for Teaching Vocabulary

Lightning Round:

Create flash cards, or put topical words on a PowerPoint slide show. Get your students to line up into two lines. As you display the word on the PowerPoint, or flashcard, students must quickly, and correctly, sign the word on display. If they are correct, they go to the back of the line. 

Activities for Teaching Depicting Signs and use of space

Teach children how to use space, and show shape, size, and arrangement with these activities